Why Choose Polyjacking Over Mudjacking?

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If you’re dealing with a sunken or uneven concrete surface, you may be wondering if polyjacking or mudjacking is the right solution for you. Both methods raise and level concrete, but they utilize different materials and techniques. We discuss the differences between polyjacking and mudjacking to help you understand why polyjacking is your best option.

Benefits of Polyjacking

Mudjacking, also known as slab jacking or pressure grouting, has been around for many years. It may even be the only concrete repair solution you’ve heard of. It involves drilling large holes–usually 2-3 inches in diameter–into the concrete and pumping a mixture of concrete and sand to fill in the space beneath the sunken slab.

This method is less effective for several reasons.

First, it can wash away over time as the soil it sits on top of settles.

Second, the size of holes required to inject the mud slurry is much more invasive to the existing concrete. Third, the weight of the material can cause the ground to shift creating additional concrete repair needs in the future.

The Right Method for Your Job

While the cost of materials for mudjacking can be cheaper initially, its longevity, durability and invasive procedures makes it a less economical solution overall and causes you to fix your concrete every few years.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution with minimal invasiveness, polyjacking is the best option. It maintains its structure over time and keeps your concrete right where we put it! At Joco Foam Pro, LLC, we believe polyjacking is the best, effective concrete repair.

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