Residential Concrete Repair Services

Save your concrete, don’t replace it. Discover the benefits of our concrete repair services throughout the Kansas City Metro. 

Joco Foam Pro, LLC offers concrete repair services for homes throughout Johnson County, KS. If you have sinking, settled, or uneven concrete we can help you. We use only the finest repair methods including polyjacking foam to resolve your concrete needs effectively.

Types of Residential Concrete Repairs

Concrete Driveways

Over time, driveways can sink due to the underlying soil not being properly compacted when the driveway was placed or the soil settling over time. The settling can cause hazardous cracks or your driveway to sink.   


Disjointed and uneven sidewalks are not only a hazard but an eyesore. Sidewalks can sink to the soil shifting or settling over time or even due to an uplift caused by tree roots.  

Front Porches

A sloped stoop or porch can not only detract from your home’s appearance but create tripping hazards. Unfortunately, most stoops and porches were not intended to carry heavy loads, causing the structures to sink or be easily aggravated by poor drainage.  

Foundation Flooring  

A one-story home, older homes and home with heavily planted yards may experience structural damage as the concrete settles over time and repair is essential. Unsightly cracks or divets in your concrete flooring can take away from the appearance and value of your home. If left ignored, these cracks and divets can worsen over time.  

Garage & Basement Floors

Left unchecked, cracks can grow over time and the concrete will begin to fluctuate. Basement, garage, and other foundation floorings can settle significantly over time, causing hazardous cracking or sloping. 

A/C & Concrete Pads

Whether caused by the soil under the concrete settling over time or warping due to tree root growth, uneven concrete pads, or unwanted cracks can be hazardous or unsightly.

Patio & Decks

Although most concrete patios and slabs are properly installed and leveled at the time of placement, over time soil can shift and settle and pressure will push down causing cracks or uneven heights.  

Our Process


Tell us about your project and our team will inspect your concrete issues for free.


We'll provide a quick estimate and schedule a convenient time for your concrete repair.


Save money on your concrete issues rather than worrying about a full replacement.

Benefits OF Polyjacking


Ready to use immediately. Keeping minimal interference with your daily business.


No concrete or grout splatter and no wash down needed!


Polyurethane is lightweight and will never lose density.

Residential Concrete Lifting Services

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We service homes, businesses, and municipalities throughout the Kansas City metro area. Don’t see your city listed? Contact us to see if we can come to your area!

Highest level of quality

“Nate and his team achieved total success and did it timely, with total professionalism and highest level of quality. I highly recommend his polyfoam process over mudjacking anytime. Extremely clean process with limited noise or disruption to our daily lives. Outstanding in every way!”