Why It’s Time to Repair Your Driveway’s Concrete

Driveway Repair

Are you starting to notice concrete damage in your driveway?  While driveways should ideally last a few decades, over time they can deteriorate. But should you repair your driveway or replace it?

Don’t let a cracked driveway kill your home’s curb appeal. Consider these tips from the concrete driveway repair experts in Johnson County, KS.

Why is My Concrete Driveway Cracking?

There are numerous reasons your driveway may crack or sink. Loose soil, tree roots, heavy loads, and shifts in the ground can all cause damage to your driveway.

Over time, these cracks can allow water to continue to erode the soil underneath causing further damage.

Common Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Driveway’s Concrete

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to consider repairing your driveway.

  • Cracks in driveway
  • Uneven concrete slabs
  • Crumbling edges
  • Tripping hazards

How Can I Fix My Driveway’s Concrete?

Rather than a complete concrete replacement, you should consider a more economical option like repairing your driveway’s concrete.

While some homeowners try to repair concrete themselves, it can cause more damage than good. Your home is an investment so save yourself the headache. Don’t go the DIY route.

To repair your concrete, it’s recommended to use polyjacking foam to help lift and stabilize your driveway.

Polyjacking is a concrete repair method that uses polyurethane instead of a mud mix to level your concrete. Polyurethane is a high-density foam that expands in seconds to create a durable, waterproof concrete repair.

Why Choose Polyjacking Foam for Driveway Repair?

Many homeowners throughout Johnson County, KS choose polyjacking foam for their concrete repair. Here’s why.

Saves Money – Polyjacking is cheaper than a complete driveway replacement.

Prevents Further Damage – Its water-resistant component helps prevent further erosion.

Environmentally Safe – It’s environmentally safe and made from 39% – 49% recycled materials.

Doesn’t Disrupt Your Day – The cure time for polyfoam is less than an hour. It’s innovative process of injecting polyurethane keeps your driveway repair mess free and doesn’t disrupt your day.

Need Driveway Repair in Johnson County, KS?

Joco Foam Pro, LLC offers polyjacking concrete services for homes and businesses throughout Johnson County, KS. If you have sinking, settled, or unsightly concrete, let us help!

We’re a family owned, professionally operated business. We take pride in saving homeowners, business owners, and municipalities thousands of dollars on their concrete repairs.

Ready to start the process? Get in touch with us today to request a free estimate for your driveway repair.